L a s   V e g a s   C o n t e s t   P r o x y
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Las Vegas Contest Proxy offers the lowest price in Las Vegas.
No percentage of your winnings taken!  

Las Vegas Contest Proxy offers a proxy service to anyone interested in entering various football contests throughout Las Vegas.

(A football contest proxy is someone who is authorized to make picks if the registered contestant is unavailable or does not live in the Las Vegas area.)


Each contest has its own entrance fee, all of which are listed on the Rules Page.

Westgate SuperContest & Gold Contest

 Full Season: $200
 Second Entry: $75

 *Must be present to enter contest

  • Sign-up deadline is September 8, 2018
  • SuperContest: Best Record wins $15K after 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and during final 3 weeks

William Hill Contest

 NFL (4 entries): $150 College: $125
    *Only $125 (NFL)/$100 (College) if entering SuperContest or Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge

 Full Season: $200
    *Only $150 if also entering SuperContest


Station & Coast Casinos

 Station Casino "Last Man Standing Contest"

 NFL/College: $75 each
    *5 pick maximum

 *Must be present to enter

 Station Casino & Boyd Gaming

 All winners / No Lines
 Players Card required for entry

 Full Season: $125

College Clash

Full Season: $100


We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Westgate, William Hill, Stations, Boyd, Golden Nugget, or CG Tech in any manner. All rules are obtained and copied from the respective sportsbook websites, and in no way altered by Las Vegas Contest Proxy.