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LVCP Testimonials

Not sure about using a proxy? Wondering if we stack up to the competition?

Larry K. with CH Ballers, the 2014 First Place Winner!

Click here to read ESPN's interview with CH Ballers

We were recently featured in an article on ProMathletics! Read it here!

Here's what our customers have to say!

  • Thank you so much for making our first supercontest experience run so smoothly! We'll without a doubt be calling you again next season. Thanks for all your help. Have a great year!
  •     CH Ballers | 2014 First Place Winner

  • 2nd year in contest - cashed!
  •     Pinky & Brain | 2018 Top 16 Winner

  • I've used Las Vegas Contest Proxy for multiple contests in Las Vegas/He's the best in the biz-A true professional.
  •     Bayview Baller | 2018 Golden Nugget 11th Place & William Hill CFB 6th Place

  • 1st year in contest. Sweet!
  •     GTR III | 2018 Top 55 Winner

  • Thank you very much for your great service and follow up.
  •     Dry | William Hill NFL 2018 11k Winner

  • Las Vegas Contest Proxy is a great service!
  •     Jackie Jones | 2018 Top 75 Winner

  • Thank you sincerely
  •     PK | William Hill NFL 2018 5k Winner

  • 3rd time is the charm. 2 entries next year
  •     KT | 2018 Top 75 Winner

  • Thanks - cashed 2 years in a row!
  •     Parfoure | William Hill 2018 1k Winner

  • Finally after 7 years...
  •     BlueHorseShoe | 2017 Top 25 Winner

  • Wow! 1st time in contest
  •     Roccos Boys | 2017 Top 50 Winner

  • 2 Tie games cost me $12K!
  •     Cub 856 | 2017 Top 50 Winner

  • Glad I entered again after 1yr layoff.
  •     Midnight Run | 2017 William Hill CFB 4th Place

  • Happy in Tennessee
  •     TN Cod Locks | 2017 William Hill CFB 8th Place

  • NICE - Very good season. Thanks!
  •     Buffs are Back | 2016 Top 15 Winner

  • Finally some $$coming back to me
  •     Scorpio | 2016 Top 30 Winner

  • Thanks for everything
  •     Your Mom's Tout | 2016 Top 40 Winner

  • Unbelievable, thanks for your help.
  •      Logan Square Hipsters | 2015 Top 25 Winner

  • Scorpio | 2016 CBB Last Man Standing 2nd Place

  • I've said this before and I'll say it again. If you guys ever need a Proxy who is based out of Vegas, the best by far is @LVContestProxy. There's not a close 2nd IMO. Honest guy who will take care of you.
  •      @TheRealMrACL

  • I know the owner of the service and can highly recommend this Proxy service. So if you're from out of town…or out of the country and have the urge to enter the Westgate NFL contest this season …give them a call.
  •      RickJ
         Twitter: rickjsportplays
         Twitter: rickjswingtrade

  • Proxies—If you want to play a contest that requires full participation, but you don’t live in Las Vegas (or don’t want to do the running every week), you can play with a proxy. This can be a lucrative business, so there are several services available. We like "lasvegascontestproxy.com" for two reasons. First, it offers the best deal, charging a flat fee only ($100-$200, depending on the contest), as opposed to all others that also take a percentage of any win. Second, this service is run by LarryK, who’s a known quantity as a longtime member of the LVASports message boards.
  •     Anthony Curtis | Las Vegas
        Director - Las Vegas Advisor: Sports
        Publisher - Huntington Press

  • I checked out your webpage. Absolutely think you're doing it the right way by not requiring a cut of winnings on the back end. A flat fee is how it should be.
    Out of state winners already have their payouts eaten up by taxes, possible hedges and travel expenses. Discounts for extra entries also makes sense. Have had to research proxy fees for friends back East and these terms are the best found yet.
  •      Frank Betti | Las Vegas
         Administrator - Las Vegas Advisor: Sports

  • I couldn't have asked for more from a proxy service. Responsive, reliable, and willing to accommodate with short notice, without hesitation I plan on using Las Vegas Contest Proxy again next season.
  •     Gill Alexander, VSIN Host| California

  • Perhaps they are not using the most reliable, business-like proxy, as we have chosen. No chance Larry K would ever stand for us not placing selections. He is the best out there and comes highly recommended.
  •     ProMathletics

  • I, along with family members, have used Larry's services as a proxy for the LVH SuperContest for several years. The only "lock" I have had during the contest has been Larry's reliable proxy service. At no point have I doubted whether my picks would be submitted accurately and on time. On several occasions, he even reminded me to get my picks to him when I had forgotten about them. If you want a proxy that is trustworthy, dependable and always accessible, you cannot find anyone better than Larry.
  •     BB | Colorado

  • We would like to thank you for all the help provided to us during the last 2 NFL seasons, and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas next August 2018
  •     IY | Guatemala

  • You did an excellent job the last few years and I'm planning on using you again next year as my proxy. I'll work on my models over the next few months and see if I can improve over this year.
  •     GH | Hong Kong

  • The 2015 SuperContest was a truly great experience for me, and it had nothing to do with my less than stellar handicapping. The proxy service provided by Larry exceeded all my expectations. From the time I met Larry at The Westgate until the final week's text affirming my selections, the process was easy and reassuring. Larry was prompt in communicating that my picks were in, and I never had any worries on my end. I would, without hesitation refer and recommend this proxy service, thanks Larry. See you this summer.
  •     JC | Louisiana

  • Like most I was scared to use a proxy at first, because for one I’ve never used a proxy and two I wasn’t sure if I should trust someone….Well let me tell you, I’m glad I used Larry K as my Vegas proxy for the Super Contest. Larry is very professional and very easy to work with. Before signing up and meeting with Larry we spoke over the phone for about 30 minutes and he answered all my questions that I had. He also charges a flat rate upfront, unlike other proxies who I’ve heard takes a fee and a percent of your winnings. Larry is great and me and my friends plan to use him again next year and how ever long we are contestants in the super contest or any other contests in Las Vegas.
  •     JM | California

  • This was my first year, going with Larry K as a Proxy for both the SuperContest and the Golden Nugget. He was exceptional and the only proxy, I will be using until I make the move to Vegas. He lives and Bets in Vegas and you never have to worry about him getting in the selections 100% accuracy. I appreciate everything he does for me as a proxy and will be ready to sign up with him again in 2016.
  •     JR | Ohio

  • Larry's proxy service allowed me to enter the Super Contest, which was impossible before I met him. He was very professional and had all our picks on time and in a timely manner. He is a professional at what he does and I am looking forward to working with him again next season.
    Thanks again, Larry
  •     RBL | Texas

  • Very happy with the service Larry provided throughout the football season. He was always available and responded to any questions I had in a very timely manner. I highly recommend using him as your proxy.
  •     DL | New York City

  • Larry was an absolute pleasure to work with during the LVSC this past year. He is a consummate professional, was very helpful throughout the season, and always responds to communication promptly. Thanks Larry!
  •     DM | California

  • I would highly recommend this proxy service. This past year was my first time in the Super Contest, and to be honest, I wasn't sure how things would work by using a proxy. However, I found this website, contacted Larry, and I must say, he made everything easy and convenient. There was never a concern about the process, and I always appreciated the confirmations when my picks were received and again when they were formally submitted. This was highly professional, and I'll be using this service in the coming years.
  •     TS | California

  • Being my first year in the supercontest, I didn't know what to expect but Larry K was just fantastic. Professional and great communication. He always let me know when my picks were received and when they were posted. It was great having someone I could trust.
  •     JL | Louisiana

  • Larry K is the best deal in town for a reliable proxy service! He's quick to respond to your questions, acknowledges receiving your picks and confirms once they've been entered. I'll definitely be signing up with Larry again next year.
  •     Chico | Canada

  • Larry was great and I look forward to using him again next year. I appreciated how he communicated when he received and placed my picks. I never had to worry about that part of the equation. He was very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
  •     KH | Colorado

  • First time client. Excellent professional proxy service provided by Larry. Picks were confirmed and submitted on time without any error! I highly recommend Larry to anyone that needs a proxy for the SuperContest! I am definitely going to be a repeat client for the next SuperContest!
  •     DH | Los Angeles

  • Larry provides first class service. I was worried about using a proxy at first, but Larry made the process so easy. He never missed a deadline and was always responsive to emails. If you don't live in Vegas and want to enter the Super Contest - go with Larry!
  •     IY | New York

  • Larry was great to work with. All picks were submitted accurately and on time. The one week we were running late, he sent us a text to remind us to get our picks in. We’ll be using him again next year, and would highly recommend him to other Super Contest participants.
  •     SF | California

  • I was a first time contestant for the Super Contest held for the 2015-2016 NFL season. Although I finished in the bottom 10 percentile, I can appreciate the efforts made by Larry K to submit my entries in on time on a weekly basis. Larry met me at the Westgate in late August 2015 and guided me through the application process. Throughout the NFL 17 weeks season, Larry e-mailed me twice (when he received my picks and then when he submitted them). His flat fee of $200.00 for the Super Contest is fair, clear-cut, and more than competitive with any other Vegas proxy service. He does not solicit a percentage of your winnings, although I would have been more than happy to cut him a bonus had I finished in the top five. His $200.00 fee works out to less than $12.00 per week; truly a value for your dollar. I can't drive to Vegas every week (600 mile roundtrip) to turn in my selections. I will see Larry K again this August 2016. Why go anywhere else?
  •     HF | California

  • I was very happy with Larry's proxy service. He was always accurate and sent reminders if I got close to the deadline. Would recommend and will use again. Thanks Larry!
  •     JS | California

  • We appreciate your efforts, that damn thing is harder than hitting the lottery. We will see you again in July my friend. Thanks
  •     JR | Mississippi

  • Larry provides excellent service! I never had to worry about whether my picks would be submitted! If you're looking for a proxy that you can trust then Larry is your guy! See you in 2016!
  •     RC | California

  • You were phenomenal Larry and I will absolutely use you next year. Thank you.
  •     AL | California

  • I found Larry extremely easy to work with. He was prompt, professional, and engaging throughout the season. All communications can be through simple text or e-mail after your initial meeting in Vegas. In addition, compared to other proxy services, Larry provides an extremely good value. I will be working with Larry again in the 2016 NFL Season. Thanks!
  •     SS | California

  • It was a little intimidating flying out to Vegas from Pennsylvania to enter the SuperContest. When we met Larry on our first night, we knew we picked the right man. Communication and professionalism were evident from Day 1 until the last week of the season. We'll be hiring Larry next year without a doubt.
  •     SK | Pennsylvania

  • I had a great time doing the contest this year and definitely plan to enter next year, too. I appreciated the service and promptness that you provided each week. I couldn't have asked for a better proxy. Thanks again
  •     NG | Texas

  • Larry K provided excellent service as our proxy in the 2015 Super Contest. He provided excellent service, communication, and always submitted our picks on time. We highly recommend him as a proxy.
  •     DH | Texas

  • Larry was my proxy this past year and he was excellent. Never had to worry if my picks got in..I highly recommend Larry to use..very nice gentleman.
  •     PC | Michigan

  • Larry is responsive, accurate and timely. My first contest season could not have gone smoother. I will definitely use the service next year and recommend highly - Thanks Larry!
  •     JM | Texas

  • I would definitely recommend your proxy service to anyone interested in the Super Contest. Good communication and very dependable. No worries about the picks being submitted correctly and on time. Thanks again. I will definitely use your service when entering the contest again.
  •     RJ | West Virginia

  • Larry's communication throughout the contest was superb and I thank him for his quick and prompt replies. I have no hesitation whatsoever in using him again for next season!
  •     JC | Arizona

  • Thanks for a perfect season with no mistakes. Something I did not receive with other proxies I used before. Pleasure working with you this year.
  •     BM | Massachusetts
  • Thanks again. We enjoyed it and will be back next year. If I have any recommendations, I will certainly pass them your way.
  •     JB | Michigan

  • I will recommend you to everyone that asks which proxy we used..thank you for the A++ service...
  •     MP | California

  • Service was top notch! Will definitely be using you again if I enter next year.
  •     JB | Canada

  • I was very pleased with your service and will use you again next season.
  •     JM | Maryland

  • Larry, I will be with you again next season - Thanks again for the great service.
  •     WL | California

  • Thanks for everything this season Larry. Will be looking forward to get your services next season as well.
  •     TL | Canada

  • I am looking forward to next years contest - will get you some more clients also.
  •     DK | Pennsylvania

  • Thanks for everything you do Larry. Great job this season - I will use you next season and bring a few friends with me.
  •     KB | Arizona

  • Thanks again for everything you do. Will do again next year.
  •     JP | Arizona

  • Thanks for your service this year! We will definitely be contacting you for next season.
  •     KB | Ohio

  • Thanks for all your help this year Larry.
  •     SK | California & JM | Texas & DM | California

  • Very satisfied. Will use you again. Thank you.
  •     WR - Alabama

  • Thanks Larry; you were great. I will definitely use your service again and will recommend you to others. Good luck to you and hope you have a wonderful year.
  •     BB | Houston

  • Thanks so much Larry! We definitely appreciated your hard work all season long. Will definitely be using you again for next season's contest!
  •     AG | Seattle

  • Being new to the Supercontest, I was a bit nervous about finding a proxy that was honest and reliable. I was fortunate to find Larry K via this website.
    He communicated with me promptly before my sign up and throughout the season. He always performed his service in a timely manner.
    I recommend Larry highly (and look forward to seeing him again in August when I sign up at The Westgate) because he is friendly, professional, and trustworthy.
  •     JJ | New Orleans

  • Super organized. First time client, very professional and great communication. 6 pm reminder text on Friday to get picks and 10 pm confirmation text of picks entered. Will use next year and recommend to anyone.
  •     DG | Los Angeles

  • Thank you for a great season! It was my 1st season so I was a little skeptical because I didn't know you but just like you said everything went smooth. The cheapest proxy turned out to be the best proxy! So thanks again for a great first experience!
  •     TL | New Orleans

  • This was my first year playing the SuperContest. I found Larry on the internet, and decided to go with him because he was by far the most reasonably priced proxy that I found. Now that the contest is over, I can say that only was his price the best, but he made signing up very easy, and could not have been more reliable. He even reminded me to send my picks if it was getting close to the deadline and I hadn’t sent them to him yet. I will definitely be using his services in future years, and would recommend that anybody else who needs a proxy do the same.
  •     DM | Los Angeles

  • You won't find a more reliable proxy than Larry K. He is very professional and courteous to work with. He always sends confirmation that he received your picks, and he always gets them in on time and accurately. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to play the Super Contest.
  •     DM | Philadelphia

  • For my first time in the contest using a proxy I didn't know what to expect. Larry exceeded all expectations; he was prompt, consistent, and friendly. All three are rarities in this business and Id recommend him to anyone.
  •     JG | New York

  • Very happy with your service would definitely recommend you if asked and plan on being back next season.
  •     RH | Houston

  • Thanks a million for helping me out with the Supercontest all year - I couldn’t have been happier with your service! You were extremely reliable and timely every week, and I never had to worry about getting picks in. I will definitely use your service again in the future and will refer to friends! Hopefully next time we will bring in the cash!
  •     MS | Baltimore

  • Larry was super-friendly and super-reliable. Text/Email reminders sent each and every week gave us the 100% assurance that our picks were submitted. Now, if only we could make better picks!
  •     TK | California

  • Had a blast this year and hopefully I'll be able to make my way down to Vegas next year. Thanks for all you did!
  •     RH | TX

  • Larry K is a great proxy. Always timely, always letting you know when picks should be in and always confirming when he puts the picks in. Never had any doubts that our picks wouldn't be made or made in time. He's a true professional.
  •     Coast to Coast Coverage | California

  • Thanks for everything this year with getting the plays in. Never an issue and always great communication. I will be working on my game picking skills and definitely be contacting you again for excellent proxy service. Thanks
  •     Matt | TN

  • Larry did an excellent job as my proxy for the Supercontest. He was very reliable and was always easy to contact. He even gave ME reminder calls when I hadn't given him my selections as early as usual. I will definitely be using his proxy service again next year!
  •     Rob S. | Chicago

  • I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for operating as our proxy during the 2013 season. From the opening communications through the end of the year, your prompt responsiveness, accuracy, honesty, and friendliness made it our pleasure to use your services.
    Should anyone ever need a reference, please give them my contact information and feel free to have them call on me at any time.
  •     Greg | Atlanta

  • Larry, I thank you for your dependability and your personal touch. We also appreciate your reminders about deadlines, end of year contests, etc. that kept us in the loop during the LVH Contest. Can't wait until next year. Thx again
  •    Paydirt | TX

  • This was my first year entering the LVH contest and Larry made the entire process seamless. Met him and signed up during the Supercontest weekend seminar, he explained everything and remained super dependable throughout the contest. He always texts/emails reminders for when he needs your picks and lets you know as soon as he puts them in. He provides a great all around proxy service at by far the best price as he charges less than all other proxies I met and he doesn't take a percentage of winnings like some do. On top of being extremely professional, Larry is also a real nice guy to deal with. He will go above and beyond for you. I will definitely use his service again next year.
  •     Mike D | Los Angeles

  • You did an excellent job and I'm planning on using you again next year as my proxy. I'll work on my models over the next few months and see if I can improve over this year.
  •     GH | HK

  • Larry is someone you can trust as he is honest, reliable and dependable. He provides accurate updates on all picks and lines in a timely manner. I will continue to seek out Larry as a proxy.
  •     Tinfw17 | Dallas

  • "I have been using LVCP since March, 2012. LVCP is an excellent service. LVCP always timely submits plays, confirms all plays after submitted, and will even send reminders if you have not timely provided LVCP the plays to submit. LVCP’s communication is excellent and it is 100% responsive. I wouldn’t use any other proxy service in Las Vegas. I look forward to using LVCP for years to come.
  •     JP | Florida

  • I have used Larry's service over the past couple of years. He has been professional, friendly, accurate, and reliable. He is an honest man in this business and I feel comfortable not only his ability to get plays and picks in, but also with his ability to be accurate with all monetary transactions.It has been a real pleasure in my dealings with Larry as he is always upfront about what he can do. Sometimes, I had given him my picks much later than I should have and he still took the extra time to see that I got my plays in. If you are looking for a proxy service, I see no reason to not use the services of Larry.
  •     JA | California (bluehorseshoe)

  • I have been with Larry for several years now. He is honest, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.
  •     Sam B. | LA

  • I have used Larry's services for the last several years and I can say with utmost confidence that he embodies the most important things I look for in this business:

    1. Trustworthiness - To use a proxy, you are essentially trusting someone else with your money/entry fee.  Assurance that the proxy's interest is aligned with yours is absolutely necessary for a service like LVCP, and the peace of mind that Larry provides is well worth the cost.

    2. Reliability and accountability - Larry is someone I have been able to depend on even right before deadlines and he takes responsibility for the service he offers--no excuses.
    4. Responsiveness and communication - Larry provides verification of the submissions he makes and is available using multiple communication methods to respond to questions or concerns.  He even offers insights and observations only someone in his position with his experience can offer.  

  • I would recommend LVCP to anyone looking for a first-class proxy service with a professional reputation.
        JC | California

  • Thanks again for a great year. I'm almost certainly going to do the contest again next year.
  •     Chris | NY

  • Thanks again for everything, if we decide to play in the contest next year I will definitely give you call.
  •     Stephen | MI